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Why get coached on a somatic approach for yoga?

Because as a yoga teacher you can make a bigger impact on any students suffering from pain, movement limitations and disorders or difficulties with yoga that may cause pain or stress.

The Original Body Wisdom approach to Somatic Yoga gives you precise and clear tools to establish:

  • How to invite movement that comes from self sensing.
  • Relieve bodies of holding patterns, tendencies to collapse or over effort..
  • A new relationship to gravity that supports healthy compression and fluid ROM in joints.
  • Experience fascia and tensegrity as the organizing support system of your movement, flexibility and strength
  • How feeling, sensing and imagining  change somatic motor and fight and flight responses.
  • Reaching and Pulling as fluid currents underlying movement patterns
  • Spiral and sling support. 
  • Budding in Postures from the inside out.
  • How recognize the when a movement is truly internally guided vs. “free/ experimental movement.”

These easy-to-apply practices that will move you and your clients into resolutions. You will go at your own pace. This can create lasting and deep benefits helping you overcome pain, anxiety, injury, pressure, or environmental stress and integrate these experiences into your teaching.

Happily, when you change your habits of movement and the mental / emotional states that accompany them.  You will also change your default fight / flight/ freeze reaction. So, an important part of using somatics with yoga is to uncover and back away from any habits of strain, force, and intensity we may bring to yoga. Trying too hard or even attempting to capture an idea of what to do in a pose may inadvertently trigger a stress response, making pain worse! Remember, this is very often the case with people in chronic pain as they begin anticipating more pain just from moving!

The paradox of somatic yoga is that when we back away from pain, and focus on ease and fluidity, we are more precise and clear about the integration of how our bodies work and how to approach asana. We become more natural and more unified, lowering out stress responses.

It’s not unusual for my clients to report resolution of long-term patterns in their lives and their bodies. You can have this experience for your clients too.

Our work together will have a positive impact on your work, personal well-being, relationships with others, and ability to move forward in your life on your own terms. If you are a Yoga teacher, Pilates Instructor, Movement Professional or simply wanting to develop your somatic movement practice join me.

Appointment will be made after purchase below. You can hire me by the session and work at your own pace. We can go into the details and specific approaches you need to create lasting, gently and deeply effective changes for your students now. 

You may contact me for a complimentary initial 15 minute consult

My Zoom based coaching is an hour and 3o minutes per session and costs $260. Follow up sessions vary in length and price is adjusted accordingly. Sign up below.

Zoom Consults and Distance Learning

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CEU for yoga teachers available

I am also available to come and see you:

The 3 day package gives you all of the above PLUS I will come to you and:

  • Do a pre-visit consult and action plan for what you results you want.
  • Take 2-3 classes you teach and coach your somatic skill.
  • Give you three individual lessons.
  • Teach an hour and a half overview class to you and select students you may wish to invite.
  • Post visit assessment and wrap up coaching.

Or we can plan a somatic yoga workshop in your region.

$3,149. travel fees and accommodations extra. Contact Donna for dates and details.

What yoga teachers and movement professionals have said:

True Healing…. Since working with her my Yoga poses have become expressions of inner space, connection and flow. I am learning and expanding into new parts of myself by listening to my body and letting it guide the way it needs to move. This is true healing and empowering yoga.” – Karoun Charkoudian, owner, Karoun Yoga

Discovered the Foundation of my Yoga Teacher’s Training…..Gravity and my tailbone movement became real experiences during my study with Donna. Even though they were used as a teaching orientation in my training I never really felt them the way I do now. – Yoga Teacher

Putting the Pieces Together…..The work is a very powerful piece of the body work puzzle I’ve been attempting to solve for many years. – Lisa Enzer, dancer / Yoga teacher

This work has shifted my entire practice and teaching….I had no idea  there really is so much ease in effort! – Yoga teacher