Yoga Movement Therapy for Individuals

Would you like to recover  from an injury, strain or even truama? Do you want to feel the possibility of aging without chronic pain? Or to change your life by finding more ease and ability in your body… This is an effective,  gentle and satisfying approach to moving with ease and holistic support..Learn more about yoga movement therapy for individuals »

Yoga Movement Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke

If you find it hard to gain or maintain mobility, strength, and easy, pain free movement, I can help. After an injury, diagnosis of an illness, or a traumatic event, regaining as much normal functioning as possible is essential. An important way to do this is to learn how to make smarter movements. Working with Body Wisdom, you can increase mobility involved in everyday tasks, enjoy faster movement and loss of stiffness, & increase cognitive power. Learn more about yoga movement therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke »

Gentle Yoga and Somatic Movement Classes

Improve the functioning of your everyday movement and approach Yoga by respecting and honoring the natural spirals and curves that are inherent to our bodies movement. You will use less energy to achieve more results as you incorporate shifting, spiraling and gliding.  Avoid problems that come from over-stretching or trying to push activity through habitual but dysfunctional movement habits. I work with many students who are recovering from injuries. Learn more about gentle yoga and somatic movement classes »


Continuing Education Programs for Yoga teachers and others working with neurological issues

An experiential training for Yoga teachers, healing arts practitioners, and others working with neurological issues, injury and disease, including Parkinson’s disease, stroke, dementia, brain injury, and sensory processing and nervous system imbalances. Learn more about continuing education programs for yoga teachers »