Happy Hips to Sumptuous Shoulders – an integrated body for pain relief and mobility

If you have hip or shoulder injury, tension, or pain – maybe despite exercising, doing yoga or getting massages—the solution is not to do more of the same old thing. The answer lies in understanding the subtleties of how your body needs to move. And most importantly, how your hips and shoulders need to move in relationship to each other.

This  course will give you what you need to know to get strength, flexibility and healthy function in your hips and shoulders. We will use natural spiral and sequential movements that connect healthy functioning between these two deeply related joints.

You can:

  • Find smooth and integrated movement that permanently connects the opposite hip and  shoulder relieving cross body pain and tension syndromes.
  • Develop hip stability to allow healthy shoulder mobility
  • Find stress free knee and hip alignment that help raise your arms without pain.
  • Take pressure off your hips and the same side shoulder by balancing the two halves of your pelvis
  • Understand the importance of the fascia of your latissimus and smooth function of that muscle.
This course will benefit you even if  you have been in “couch potato” mode or are recovering from an injury.

All classes are held in Hadley at Wellspring Integrative Neurotherapy, 104 Russell St., Hadley, MA.

Fridays 10-11:15 am. Begins November 3.
Saturdays 10-11:15 am. Begins November 4

Course size limited / 6 weeks / $149

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Happy Hips to Sumptuous Shoulders

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