Gentle Somatic Movement and Yoga Therapy Clinics

If you are experiencing stress, injury, tension, or ongoing pain (despite efforts to address it), the answer isn’t doing more. The solution is understanding the subtlety of how your body needs to move.

I help my clients move easily and pleasantly with the natural spirals and curves that allow their joints to glide and their bones to support them. This “slide and glide” perspective eliminates the problems that come from straining through linear exercise, over use of muscles in ordinary movement, overstretching or not knowing how far to push in yoga or fitness. I guide you toward gentle, intelligent awareness that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own body.

“This form of bodywork is unlike any I have experienced before: yoga, tai chi, qigong, massage, etc. It allows release on a deep and subtle level, and gently but powerfully shifts the tension/energy in my body. Donna is knowledgeable and able to hold space with grace. Part of why words feel inadequate is because her work is, at the core, experiential. She guides the class through deceptively simple but potent exercises that you must experience to understand.” student, Northampton, MA

This fluid, “whole body-whole mind” yoga-movement therapy approach creates lasting relaxation and energy. It’s also a foundation for your yoga or fitness practice and for having easy and functional movement.

Classes are small and personal with ample time for reflection, questions, and sharing perspectives with others.

Benefits of Original Body Wisdom:

  • Experience the relaxation, flexibility, and health benefit of yoga while improving functional, day-to-day movement ability.
  • Enjoy pleasurable movements that establish body integrity without the need for continual adjustment.
  • Set healthy, supportive muscle tone and joint function before “doing” yoga poses, Tai Chi or other exercise.
  • Create stress-free support for good posture, breathing, and alignment.
  • Relieve habitual postural tensions and maladaptive movement habits.
  • Support emotional balance, poise, and resiliency.
  • Increase mental dexterity.
  • Bring more vitality to our bodies and life.
  • Relax into the wisdom of your own body.

Original Body Wisdom Is for Anyone Who:

  • Wants to move more efficiently and without pain in ordinary activities.
  • Wants to experience more relaxed energy in the body throughout the day.
  • Is recovering from injury and seeks to prevent future problems.
  • Has experienced a trauma or injury, making it necessary to proceed slowly with your body.
  • Has sensory challenges that make too much input overwhelming.
  • Is suffering from chronic instability, injury, pain, or just suspects there is an easier way.
  • Is curious about the natural movement patterns and gestures that support healthy movement.

Class Schedule