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When I first began teaching yoga in 1981 I had no idea I would be led into understanding the foundation of how we are meant to live in our bodies.

In earlier times, people had healthier movement integration that gave a source of support and ease modern people are missing. I help you recover that ease and freedom physically, emotionally and mentally. See classes here or click below for more information.

Gentle self aware movement and yoga therapy for  pain relief, injury recovery, better posture, confidence and agility.

Find a permanent source of support in your body. Stop managing stress and difficulty and instead liberate the freedom and joy found in your awakened body.


Help yourself, your clients or students build a resilient container for  growth, change and meeting difficulty.

My work can help you:

  • Relieve chronic pain and stiffness.
  • Have better self regulation of your  nervous system.
  • Better rest and sleep.
  • Relief from worry and anxiety.
  • Experience movement that is fun, joyful and doesn’t hurt.
  • Face change and difficulty with calm and perspective.
  • Get Specific help for:  improving gait and balance, standing, bending or sitting without pain or limitation, recovering from injury and surgery, pelvic floor, hip, shoulder, neck or spine issues. 

I also help Parkinson's patients to move more easily through group and personal instruction. 

Meet Donna

Through both small classes and private sessions, I will help you develop tools to make pleasant and lasting change in your body and life.

Learn how I can help you through a discovery session or call me for more information: 413-230-1260.


Less Pain for Me and For You “I’m a runner, walker, and Pilates instructor. After a bit too much of all three, I had some nagging hip pain, especially after long (and much loved) long walks. Wanting a fresh set of eyes and a different, yet experienced perspective, I signed up for Donna’s walking clinic. Yes, a walking clinic…bio-mechanically there is a lot to know, people. Between that and a private session to address my particular issues (including homework), I’ve been pain-free for weeks now…even after walking about 20+ miles around Montreal recently. Donna’s approach is subtle, but she really sees how your particular body works and helps you create more organized movement. That means less pain for you.”

Kara Snyder, Vital Corps Wellness

Forever Grateful

“I have been taking Donna Brook’s Gentle Yoga class since June 2011 and am forever grateful to her for the positive changes she has brought about in me. Through her vast experience, thorough knowledge of anatomy and her ability to observe, explain, and demonstrate, she has brought awareness of and improved my movement patterns, which have completely eliminated a history of chronic pain. My newfound balance and flexibility allow me to enjoy many more daily activities that I hadn’t attempted for years. Unlike other yoga classes I’ve taken, Donna’s approach is personal-she first listens to where the people in her class are physically, and then targets what we need to address.

She is able to quickly assess and use hands-on shaping to correct faulty movement patterns. Her warm and wonderful energy makes for easy communication and sharing, and I leave every session having learned something new and in a state of peace and appreciation. I highly recommend Donna to anyone looking for excellence in a teacher of yoga and motion.”

Catherine Manicke, Amherst, MA