My work helps your movement become more natural and resilient. I will help you attain the vitality, poise, fluidity and ease that make living life in your body satisfying and fun.


Through  introducing natural and gentle movements your body can claim its innate ability to move with easy and pain-free power. I use specifically targeted therapeutic Yoga helps ease out chronic tension while building strength.  The introduction of evolutionary and developmental movement patterns help you the find  the ease and support you need to live joyfully in your body. With the Orignal Body Wisdom  approach you can slow down the aging process, relieve long term injury, recover from neglect, stress, chronic pain and help slow the progression of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

This process is deeply relaxing and feels nourishing. It helps you:

  • Stay active and engage in vigorous exercis safely.
  • Move with poise, elegance and confidence
  • Use fitness, strength building and Yoga programs more effectively.
  • Have comfort with walking, sitting, bending and standing.
  • Eliminate shoulder stoops and protruding necks.
  • Relieve chronic back, neck, shoulder and joint pain.
  • Recover from “klutz” habits.
  • Make changes in your nervous system so you have robust relaxation.
Through both small classes and private sessions I will help you develop tools to make pleasant and lasting change in your body and life.

 My clients feel more comfortable in their skin. They make changes in their lives based on the changes they make in their bodies. In particular, many use our work to speak more calmly and effectively in public and personal settings. After all, how you move is foundational to all of your well being.

Learn how I can help you through a discovery session or call me for more information 413.230.1260